KSFL  8 Week Summer Super Boost Plan


Creating a wellness community through up to date nutrition, fitness, health and positivity.

Core Vaules

1: Motivating more people globally to live healthier and happier lifestyles.

2: Constantly evolving and sharing up to date nutritional knowledge and evidence based


3: To provide a successful and sustainable model for Franchisees, in which to serve and

educate the community in health, nutrition and wellness.

4: To provide a high level of help, support and coaching to the community, empowering

customers in all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.

5: Communicating a positive message across all social media platforms and live classes.

I offer an 8 Week Summer Super Boost Plan, which includes;

8 live HIIT classes with me

8 live nutritional, supportive and motivational chats/talks

Online support throughout the 8 weeks via secret Facebook group

HIIT class and nutritional talk added to online secret Facebook group each week for reference

Detox Manual

Shopping List

Meal Planner and recipes

Access to KSFL VIP with extra recipes and HIIT workouts

Time: Tuesday 6.15pm

Venue: Carlton Colville Methodist Church, Lowestoft Road

Cost: £70

BrainFit, 8 week Course

The BrainFit Workout™ is a 45 minute movement and meditation workout. 30 Minutes of mindful movement and breathing followed by a 15 minute guided meditation section.

We are recognising that super hard core intense workouts are not the only way to go to relieve stress, lower cortisol and feel happy.

Adopting a mindful approach to Group Exercise coupled with a guided meditation is so refreshing, revitalising and invigorating

Time: Wednesday 6.30pm

Venue: Pakefield High, Lowestoft

Cost: £40